How to request an on-demand worker? 

You will be able to request a worker on-demand in your area via the Work2Day app. You can download the app on either your Apple Store or Google Play. You must create a profile with all your personal information along with detailed information about the work you need done and the types of required skills needed. Once you create your job post it goes live to all workers in your area. Workers will now be able to make bids to your post. 

Can I schedule a job in advance for a future date?

Yes, you can schedule in advance. When creating your job posting it will ask you to fill in detailed information of the job need done. You can set the date of the job anytime throughout the year. Job postings created in advance to the work date have optimal results of quality bids from workers. 

How are fares/fees/pricing calculated?

The total pricing for each job done is comprised of;

  1. Job wages (fee of the job done depending on the workers wages) 
  2. Work2Day fee (% depending on the specific job and amount of days required) 
  3. Taxes (Federal and provincial taxes are calculated)   

Depending on the level of skills/experience the workers wages vary. You will be able to see the individual workers wages on their profiles. You will have the option to view the total pricings before confirming with a worker. 

How will my workers be paid?

When you are completing your profile information be sure that your banking account information is updated. All payments will be done directly on the app. All payments will be taken directly out from your account to pay the workers upon completion of the job. 

How do you select a worker?

When workers put in their bids you will be able to view their profile. In the profiles you will be able to view their profile pictures, bios, previous jobs they have completed, star-ratings, competitive rates, list of skills and preferred services. 

What do I do if my worker doesn’t match the profile I selected on the app? 

You will need to inform us soon as the issue arises. You can terminate the job immediately and we highly suggest you contact a Work2Day support team member. You can reach us at or call (905)-909-2020 and one of our team members would be happy to assist you. 

Who do I contact if I have any service issues? 

You can reach us at or call (905)-909-2020 and one of our team members would be happy to assist you.