In a new pandemic world due to COVID-19, people are being forced to turn to on-demand apps for support. Apps commonly used for the prime focus on bringing convenience to people’s lives are now being transformed into daily necessities.

Popular quick labour apps suchs as Uber, Lyft, Foodora, Skip the Dishes and TaskRabbit are playing their parts in providing services to people while we are encouraged by our local Governments to self quarantine and practice social distancing.

Here’s a few on-demand apps that help you find and hire qualified professionals for tasks at home and office in the Greater Toronto Area.


Work2Day was born from the need to find specialized workers with an array of skills on very short notice on demand at your fingertips. Work2Day provides you with available on-demand labourers to assist in services such as Landscaping, Cleaning, Moving/Delivery, Junk Removal, Furniture Installation and other General/Light Labour. Work2Day allows workers to determine the wages they would like to work for while also providing customers with pricing before booking.


The birth of Handy began back in 2012 with the mission to connect individuals looking for professional services with companies. Handy covers a variety of different services. Handy utilizes their own internal vetting and booking system to match customers with the best services across the city.

Jiffy On Demand

Jiffy On Demand is a centralized one stop shop marketplace for homeowners online. Jiffy aims to provide fast and quality services for small jobs done at home. They provide customers with predetermined rates, accurate reviews and flexibility with scheduling.

Ask for Task

AskforTask is a digital service platform that connects people looking for a variety of different tasks done with Taskers in their area. Taskers are pre-vetted trusted individuals that provide a broad range of tasks from cleaning, errands running and handy work.

Task rabbit

Taskrabbit promises to provide same-day service that instantly connects users with workers. Taskrabbit aims to help users with odd-jobs, errands and daily tasks to help users with productivity in their lives.

Hey Bryan

Hey Bryan is a digital app that has hundreds of local and trusted experts for any DIY projects you have. Hey Bryan focuses on home maintenance small jobs and aims to support customers with the best experts in the city.


Joist is an online platform that provides their users with expert quotes and low pricing of professional contractors. Joist mission is to connect companies with individuals directly making it easier for users to get quality services when needed.

Millions of Canadians are affected by this Covid-19 and are asked to stay at home patiently while professionals work on solutions that are in our best interest. However, the need for essential items are important to Canadians that are at home. 

Household supplies such as grocery and tools are being delivered and distributed safely with the help of these apps daily. 

According to a report made by Forbes, Ubereats alone has jumped to a 30% increase in sign-ups for new drivers and a 10% increase in sales during the last few weeks under the pandemic (Forbes, 2020).

Although our current situation is ongoing and changing daily, our Work2Day team is working hard to provide our services to our devoted users. We ask all of our users to consider the wellbeing of their community and stay home if you are sick. If you’re sick, wait until everyone in your household is better before inviting a worker to your worksite or taking any bids.

With the support of the public hand in hand with companies similar to ours working together, we are optimistic that these times will pass and businesses will resume to normal very soon.