Temp Agencies are commonly known to be the go to for employment services. Temp Agencies are responsible to recruit workers and place them in companies looking to fill temporary positions in hopes of permanent employment.

Temp Agencies pay the works via their fund with a fee that varies depending on the specific industry or Agency. They usually take a fixed fee from each pay cheque that the worker makes to keep sustainable. They are also responsible for taking care of government taxes from their workers collectively.

These Agencies are put into places to ease the workload of recruitment, training and vetting of their new on-boarded employees. They services a variety of different industries covering many different services. The most common industries are administrative work, industrial work, professional-managerial jobs, healthcare, and IT. The most common jobs that temp agencies fill include: Accountants and auditors handle financial transactions for companies and/or businesses.

Work2Day was born from the need to find a labour force with an array of skills on very short notice. When a last minute project would come up, we would find ourselves scrambling to find a qualified group of labourers motivated to work as soon as possible. As soon as we needed to. Candidates who are located close to your work site, motivated to work and pre-qualified by us. Assess their potential based on their star rating from previously completed jobs, and choose from the best available rates.

The differences between Temp Agencies and The Work2Day app vary

Local Temp Agency

  • Lack of certainty of income for workers
  • Placement may not be the best fit for the workers skills 
  • Stuck behind contracts
  • Limited services areas 
  • Lengthy application process 
  • May take weeks to find a placement

The Work2Day app

  • Freedom to choose when and where you work or hire clients 
  • Cost are disclosed prior to selecting the job (including taxes and fees)
  • On-demand geographically based at your fingertips 
  • Labour guaranteed to show up 
  • Local workers with low fees 
  • Direct line of communication