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Get a free moving services app to easily book verified moving services in the Greater Toronto Area. Be it residential or commercial, we’ve got professional moving companies and contractor for you.

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The end of the month is near! Are you still looking for reliable moving companies Toronto trusts to help you through this stressful time?!? It only takes a few minutes to request a quote online or get the app, create a profile and post your job. Request a quote and learn why we’ve got movers Toronto loves.

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Our database consists of verified moving companies Toronto trusts. Move your home or offices with care and at a reasonable price. Download the Work2Day app and book movers Toronto loves!

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What about the moving boxes?

Some movers in the GTA provide moving boxes at a cost. In all other cases we’ll point you in the right direction where you can get moving boxes free. Use our app to find movers Toronto trusts. Download our moving services app today and get started!

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From moving your home to moving your office in the Greater Toronto area. We’ve got movers Toronto trusts. Use the map view to locate the best moving company near you.

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Moving & storage in Toronto

Have to move and can’t figure out which moving and storage company to go with? Overwhelmed by all the choices! Download the Work2Day moving services app and get connected to movers Toronto trusts. All our professional movers are located in the GTA. Work2Day provides users with access to view on a map of where the movers are located.

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Moving truck rentals in Toronto

Looking for the best moving truck rentals with no extra fees and no hidden costs? Download the moving services app and get started with that move! Upon downloading the app please post the description of what you need along with your timelines, directions and guidelines. Get the moving job done today stress-free! Hire movers Toronto trusts.

Frequently asked questions

We see quite a few questions related to moving services in Toronto and the area. So we decided to get the most common ones and answer them here for you. Watch the video below.

Where to buy moving boxes in Toronto?

There’s a few national retailers that carry moving boxes. Make sure you check Staples Canada, Canadian Tire, Shoppers as well as Postal Offices.  You can also check places like UHAUL and Finally there are companies dealing only with moving boxes like and

Where to get free moving boxes in Toronto?

Historically grocery stores, liquor stores, bookstores have been a great source of free moving boxes in Toronto and beyond. Check your nearest store, ask at the customer service desk for free boxes. Another good way is to search Kijiji for free boxes. You will be surprised how often people give those away.

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Moving services is one of the services you can book with Work2Day handyman app. We also have verified contractors to perform other services around the house and office. Download the app and book multiple services in the Greater Toronto Area.


Handyman app questions clients ask

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Temp agencies vs. on-demand apps

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